Gareth Davies

My name is Gareth Davies and I completed my Masters in Chemistry (MChem) at Nottingham Trent University. My PhD is focussed on the use of alcohol/water mixtures in hydrothermal carbonisation processes. The investigation of which is approached from three different perspectives; 1) analysis of alcohol/water mixtures under hydrothermal conditions using spectrographic techniques, 2) Properties of carbons formed in alcohol/water mixtures using HTC, 3) Synthesis of high value metal carbon composites (adsorbents & catalysts) using alcohol water mixtures. This project aims to expand upon the knowledge in this area to encourage the use of and research into different solvent/water mixtures in hydrothermal based processes.

Research Areas: Biomass and waste utilisation; Carbon in catalysis; Energy

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Mariya Konstantinova

I graduated from The University of Glasgow in 2016 with a first-class BSc in Chemistry, followed by experience in quality control. My current research is in biomass-assisted catalytic hydrothermal conversion of carbon dioxide into value-added products, where biomass acts as a hydrogen source. The project is inspired by oceanic hydrothermal vents, at which it is postulated primordial life evolved. By mimicking the unique conditions that occur at vent interfaces, and including Earth-abundant metals as catalysts, CO2 can be converted to a range of organic molecules, notably formic acid (Figure). Simultaneously, a range of different biomass sources can be explored as sources of hydrogen that concurrently convert into water-soluble organic molecules and bio-oil.

Research Areas: Biomass and waste utilisation; CO2 utilisation

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Tanavadee (Pam) Sirilapanan
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I'm Pam from Bangkok, Thailand. I have completed my MSc from UCL and my undergraduate studies, with double degree certificates, from University of Nottingham and Thammasat University in BEng (Hons) Manufacturing Engineering.

My PhD work is based on the techno-economic assessment of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis. This mainly includes the engineering design, modelling simulation, process optimisation, and economic analysis of the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis.

Research Areas: Energy; CO2 utilisation

Hannah Woodward

I started out by doing a BSc in Chemistry followed by a masters in Space studies and now i'm combining the two subjects I love in my PhD in Chemical Engineering. I am currently looking at the catalytic origins of organic compounds in extraterrestrial space which involves testing methods to find a possible source of the carbon that started life on Earth. In particular I am interested in Fischer- Tropsch synthesis and I am creating analogues of metals in the early solar system that could act as a catalyst during the formation of life like molecules. My project is in collaboration with the Diamond Pilot Plant and astrobiologists at NASA who are providing space grains.

Research Areas: Carbon in catalysisEnergy; CO2 utilisation